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Cirrus clouds: are found at altitudes of . They are formed by _. The ice crystals give the cloud a _ appearance. Cirrus clouds often indicate the location of a distant _, or approaching _.

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Nimbostratus clouds: Are found at altitudes below . They usually bring steady (rain or snow). These clouds are thick enough to . Nimbostratus clouds are .

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Stratus clouds: are _ clouds without a definite form and often cover the entire _. They are closest to the earth, usually below _, and sometimes occur when fog drifts over warm land surfaces and then rises. Stratus clouds are usually with _ (drizzle, snow or small ice particles). These clouds are light gray in color and give winter skies a dull gray color.
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Cumulus clouds: are formed at higher _. Cumulus clouds appear as _. The tops of these towering, billowy masses shine with a white brilliance when facing the sun’s rays; their bases are often _. Cumulus clouds may range from _
_. These clouds are often associated with ; on hot summer days they may become extremely large, black, and cause

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