Philosophy of Teaching

When a student walks into my classroom, they will be walking into a room full of colors and displayed work. The atmosphere will be positive and up-beat. There will be a lot of teamwork, and my class will be very productive. As a teacher, it is my job to make sure every student feels comfortable in the learning environment that I create.

From what I have experienced, I have developed a list of beliefs.

· I believe in using several different teaching methods. I have found that not all students learn the same. Students have their own strengths and weaknesses. I will incorporate as many different methods in my lessons. For example I like to use power points, I like to pair people up, and I like independent work time as well.

· I believe teamwork is a great way for students to learn. I feel that when students share their outlook on a situation, it opens up the other students’ eyes to a new idea. I believe sharing ideas and helping one another really creates a great learning environment. Instead of having twenty hands raised, I think it’s a good idea to ask your neighbor for help.

· I believe that students should have pride in their work. I have found that if a student cares little about their work, they do not put in very much effort. I make my lessons interesting, and get everyone involved. When their final products are assigned to them, I make sure that what I am looking for is clear. Since they work so hard on their products I like to display them in the class, that way they can show people what they have done.

· I believe that the environment of a classroom is very important. When a student enters a dark, boring room, they will not feel motivated to do their work. When students are rude to each other, there will be no volunteers and confidence will be broken. My room will be bright, with motivational signs, and I will never insult my students and nor will my classmates.