Mary Dahlin

Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan
Grade- 5th
Subject- Clouds
Time- 45 minutes

Students will create their own clouds using materials I provide while using their notes for help along the way.
Students will identify the correct answer to the questions given, by writing their answers on the white board.
State Standards-
12.E.2a- Identify and explain natural cycles of the earths land, water and atmospheric systems (e.g., rock cycle, water cycle, weather patterns)
5.A.2a- Organize and integrate information from a variety of sources.
5.C.2a- Create a variety of print and non-print documents to communicate acquired information for specific audiences and purposes.
11.B.2c- Build a prototype of the design using available tools and materials.
Materials- Power point, white boards, dry erase markers, erasers, notes, over head, glue, markers, feathers, cotton balls, paint, glitter, board race questions, cloud book, create your own cloud book

Anticipatory Set- I will read a children’s book related to clouds. The name of the book is “Words that Describe Weather”. After I read the short book to them I will point out the pictures of clouds. I will then ask if anyone knows what kind of clouds they are. After I get a few answers I will move on to notes.

Lesson Objective and Rational- By the end of the period the students will be able to identify the four main clouds. This is important to learn because knowing the types of clouds can help us determine what the weather will be like.

Instructional Input-

  1. Begin the lesson by reading the children’s book.
  2. Pass out the notes sheet and turn on the overhead. Fill in the blank spaces with the correct answer on the overhead. (Make sure the class fills in the blanks too)
  3. Turn on the power point and show the class pictures of the different clouds.
  4. Split the class into four or five groups.
  5. Give each group a dry erase board, marker, and eraser.
  6. Ask questions related to the notes (board race questions sheet).
  7. The team that gets the correct answer first gets a point. At the end of the game the winning team will get stickers.
  8. Pass out the cloud booklet
  9. The students will independently work on their book, creating their cloud and filling in the appropriate information.

Modeling- I will have one example page done in my cloud book for them to see. I do not want them to copy so that is why I did just one example page.

Checking for Understanding- I will see if they got the board race questions correct. I will also collect the cloud books when they are due, and grade them.

Guided Practice- I will be taking notes with the class, guiding them through their cloud packet. I will also be asking the board race questions. As the students are creating their cloud books I will be walking around the room available for questions, and looking at their work.

Independent Practice- I will assign a fourth page in the cloud book on the other main cloud that we took notes on. They will apply what they did on the first three pages to the last page they are assigned.

Closure- I will show them a few pictures of clouds and they have to tell me what type they are.

Evaluation- I will assess the students during the notes, board race, and cloud booklet. I will also grade the cloud booklet.

Cloud Notes