My name is Mary Dahlin. I am class of 2010 at Rolling Meadows High School. I want to become a teacher. I have had a lot of different grade and ability experiences! So, as of right now i'm not so sure what grade I would like to teach. As a child I lived in the same house, so all my schools are relatively close. My grade school that I attended was called Westgate Elementary School, and my junior high school was called South Middle School. My favorite teacher, was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Shanahan. She was so nice, and made me feel so special and cute. I loved attention when I was little and I definitely got it from her. She was always positive and even when she got a little upset with a student she kept her cool and didn't hold a grudge on them. I remember her having great class management. I never really had a specific moment to when I realized I wanted to become a teacher. I just have a great connection with kids, and I love being around them! I was a camp counselor for a few summers, and I literally babysat 12 kids at a time for several weeks. I watched them learn and grow, and I really enjoyed that. I also babysit kids all the time, and I love it! The experience that I am getting in Education Academy is also another reason I would like to be a teacher. I have formed a lot of connections with the students and teachers I worked with.

The reason of making this wiki is to keep a record of all the things that I have accomplished in Education Academy. I feel that this class has prepared me very well for college. I know that I will have similar classes and I know I will take a lot away from Education Academy. So there for I want to document all of my lessons and projects that I created, so that I can look back on them.