Mary Dahlin

Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan

Grade- Kindergarten
Subject- Literature
Time- 35 minutes

Objectives- Students will create their own sentence using the prompt that I give them.
Students will create little ants by dipping their thumbs in black paint and dotting three dots as the body, and adding legs and antennas with a black pen.
State Standards-
1.C.ECb Respond to simple questions about
reading material.
1.C.ECc Demonstrate understanding of literal meaning
of stories by making comments.
3.C.EC Use drawing and writing skills to convey
meaning and information.

26.A.EDc Visual Arts: Participate in the visual arts.
Materials- Black paint, black pen, brown paper, writing paper, glue
Anticipatory set- I will bring in raisins and pass out a few to the students, and ask what the raisins look like.
Lesson Objective and Rational- By the end of the class the students will be able to write a sentence with a capital in the front and a period at the end. It is important to know how to write because in 1st grade you will be starting to write a lot more.
Instructional Input-
1. Sit on the floor at circle time, and pass out raisins. Ask “what do the raisins look like?” Wait till some one says ants! Then they can eat the raisins.
2. Read the book Hey, Little Ant.
3. The book ends in a question. . . . .What do you think the kid should do? Ask the students what they would do.
4. Next give the students the writing prompt. . . . . I think the kid should___. They will write their own sentence. Remind them to start the sentence with a capital letter, end in a period, and to have spaces in between the words.
5. Have the students go back to their seats and write their sentences on the writing paper that you will pass out to them.
6. Set up a little cup of black paint and each table and pass out a piece of brown paper to each student.
7. Tell them to dip one finger in the paint and dot three dots on the brown paper creating a little ant body. They can make as many ants as they want.
8. Next give the students black pens, and have then draw the ants legs and antennas.
9. Once the students are done with the art assignment, have then glue their sentence on the art project underneath the ants.
10. Remind them to put their names on the back!
Modeling- I will have an example of what the ants should look like, I will show them the final product after I finish the book at circle time.
We will also go over on the dry erase board how to spell some tough words that they might have to spell like “Squish”.
Checking for Understanding- As the students are working I will be walking around the room available for questions and looking at their progress.
Guided Practice- I will help them spell tricky words on the dry erase board.
Independent Practice- They will be writing the sentences on there own, and creating their ants on their own.
Closure- We will wrap up by turning in our sentences on the back table to dry, and move on to out next activity.